At D&P Luxury Toilets, the environment and sustainability is important to us. With our flexiloo luxury mobile toilets you can rest assured that you will be using the most environmentally friendly toilets available. With only 0.5 litres of water used per flush, the luxury mobile toilets we provide are very environmentally friendly and hygienic.

During each flush, air is sucked out of the cubicle which in turn sucks out bacteria into a sealed system, rather than being atomised in the room. Our luxury mobile toilets have no blue flush and no steps, there is also no dilemma of covering the area between the marquee and the toilets because they are designed to be fitted within the marquee itself – making it easier for your guests.

Waste can be pumped up to 50m from the structure into mains drains which eliminates the need for any tanks on site. Our luxury mobile toilets are ideal for all events, especially environmentally friendly events.

We offer in house waste handling/recycling as well as vacuum pump systems with all our luxury toilets. We are also water authority approved and use only the most environmentally friendly chemicals – if any.

Contact us today to discuss your event requirements and we will offer your friendly and professional advice to help service your needs.

Luxury Mobile Toilets

Weddings, Balls, Parties, Bar Mitzvahs and Corporate Hospitality.

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Flexiloo Modular Toilet System, Designer Washroom and Ultimate Luxury Trailers.

High Volume Mobile Toilets

Sporting, Agricultural, Equestrian, Festivals, Conferences, Shows and Parties.

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