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Party - January 2014

Many People ask us what type of toiletries are provided in the Luxury and Ultimate Luxury Trailers. We can tell you we use Duck Island toiletries and we have some photographs below.

"Duck Island’s sophisticated toiletries provide a paradise in miniature, an enchanting retreat from everyday life, life’s little luxury!"

Christmas Party time - December 2013

Private Drama - November 2013

Latest Ultimate Luxury Update - September 2013

Alastair Currie Events - September 2013

Flexiloo at a Private Wedding - August 2013

Dunstone Park - Jaguar August 2013

Audi International event - July 2013

A very very blustery Guards Polo - July 2013

D&P at Boodles Tennis - June 2013

D&P at the Leadenhall building (28 Stories up!) - June 2013

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Weddings, Balls, Parties, Bar Mitzvahs and Corporate Hospitality.

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Flexiloo Modular Toilet System, Designer Washroom and Ultimate Luxury Trailers.

High Volume Mobile Toilets

Sporting, Agricultural, Equestrian, Festivals, Conferences, Shows and Parties.

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