Luxury Portable Toilet Hire

Why Luxury Portable Toilet Hire Is Better Than You Think

A lot of people assume that mobile toilet hire is something that is never attractive and not associated with the word luxury. However, these days, luxury portable toilet hire is definitely something you should look in to. Whether you need them for a simple outdoor event or something as luxurious as your wedding, finding luxury portable toilet hire is now much better than you’d think.

Luxury toilets trailers and luxury portable toilets are much more salubrious than people sometimes believe. Usually when you say the words portable toilets, people immediately get the idea of those blue plastic toilets in their heads. These toilets, although still in existence, are not the kind of portable toilets that you would want to (or need to) hire for your luxury event.

Luxury portable toilet hire has come a long way and the toilet trailers you can hire are packed out with toilets similar to those in high end restaurants and Hotels. Below are just some of the features you can expect from luxury portable toilet hire.

Luxury Décor Throughout

Most high end luxury portable toilet trailers are now fully equipped with carpets (if requested), flowers, vanity units, soap and various other luxury décor items and accessories. No longer do you need to worry about the cold feel of the blue portable toilets of old.

Fresh Water Pump Systems

A lot of luxury portable toilet trailers use fresh water systems which means they are as close to real toilets as you can get in portable form. This means you can rest assured that your toilet trailer won’t smell of chemicals and won’t be unsightly for your guests.

Male/Female and Disabled Separation

When you hire toilet trailers – especially the luxury variety – you can choose to hire trailers for men and trailers for women so that you can separate guests for privacy at larger events. You can also opt for disabled access toilets to ensure that everyone has easy access to amenities.

Trailer Sizes to Suit All Party Sizes

When you hire luxury toilet trailers you can usually choose a size that’s appropriate for your party. This means that you don’t need to worry about wasting money or perhaps not providing enough for your guests. With trailers of all sizes, you can choose one that’s suitable for you.

For many years people have assumed that portable toilet hire is not something that you can rely on and certainly not something that’s elegant or even practical in some cases. However, that has all changed over the last few years and luxury portable toilet hire is now something you can rely on and certainly rest assured that your guests will not despise the idea of going to the toilet during your event!

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