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Interesting Case Study


D & P were approached by a large 2 day agricultural show who had expressed interest in the vacuum Premier Event range. The client was currently running a site where the units were on a mains system with waste sitting at holding tanks around the site- the waste was having to be removed around 10 times a day with large tanker lorries.

This is not a perfect solution when you have around 40,000 people on site with children as the risk of there being an accident is high as well as the cost of having to constantly move the waste. We agreed to a trail area using 2 x 8 bays, 1 x 4+2, 1 x urinal and 1 x disabled pod all run with a 65mb vacuum pump.

The 2 days went really well with the toilets staying clean and tidy throughout the event even through the busy peak periods. As for reducing the amount of waste we had the 1500 gallon holding tank emptied 3 times over the weekend compared to the 18 times at over sites on the show ground.


A fantastic result and really shows how vacuum can reduce costs for a large scale event.

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Call: 01494 526 065
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